Phillip Luck

Phillip is a Management Consultant and Executive Leader with more than 25 years’ experience working closely with clients and key stakeholders to identify business development opportunities, lead strategy planning and implementation, engage key stakeholders, and drive the delivery of innovative and highly successful business strategies, projects, and programs.

Phillip has expertise in commercial and financial management with a background in chartered accounting, and extensive experience in establishing corporate structures, managing governance, risk identification and mitigation, and investment and contract management. Phillip has experience in both CEO and Director roles at local council and state government levels in the Northern Territory, and a strong focus on implementation and program delivery.

Phillip’s experience in service delivery in remote and very remote regions have been an asset to the Remote Accord since Phil’s appointment to the Leadership Group in 2020.

Welcome to the new ACWRA website

Welcome to the new ACWRA website which we launched in February 2022 to help us provide up-to-date information and a space where we can provide regular updates on our work within the community.