The Origin

This project is intended to implement workforce reforms in a selection of communities located in remote and very remote areas of Australia.

The project will focus on the development of workforce models, strategies and tools to address the issues associated with achieving and sustaining a workforce which meets the needs of older people living in remote and very remote Australia. More specifically, the project will have a focus on working with local communities in three nominated locations to implement changes to workforce arrangements consistent with the overall aim of achieving and sustaining a workforce which meets the needs of older people, aged care workers and providers.

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  1. Develop guiding principles for engaging with communities with different service configurations, locations, Indigeneity, service access, and provider presence.
  2. Map aged care and other health services for potential implementation communities.
  3. Develop a matrix for classifying services that analyses the level of service maturity in a community.
  4. Support the implementation of specific and tailored reforms and measures with a focus on addressing workforce supply and retention problems.
  5. Facilitate collaborative relationships between aged care service providers and other place-based community service providers that support healthy ageing.
  6. Identify potential alternative training pathways and capacity building opportunities for community members to facilitate their engagement in the aged care workforce.
  7. Develop a toolbox of strategies that can be used by all aged care and community service providers across remote and very remote Australia to sustain and increase a viable workforce.
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The Remote Accord will aim to work with a diverse range of communities and regions for our three initial locations. Through a diverse selection of initial communities we hope to develop strategies and tools that will be useful for many more communities across Australia.